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Drug Discovery Technologies and Dependence on ADME/TOX Screening
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May 4th, 2017
The ADME/Tox screening market is the real hurdle in modern drug discovery technologies as animal models cannot be automated. Companies that develop state of art ADME/Tox screening products for human relevance will generate greater revenues due to the product demand in the market. Newer assays and new approaches to ADME/Tox screening are the demands of pharmaceutical companies. Combinatorial chemistry and HTS are enabling companies to test millions of drug compounds in lesser time frames.
Typically it takes about 10-12 years for a drug to see the light of the market. Of about 10,000 compounds that are screened, only about 2,000 pass through identification stage, of which about 10 enter preclinical testing and about 4.5 compounds to actual clinical testing, finally the most befitting one enters the market post government board approval. The procedure costs anything between US$500 million to US$1 billion.
The primary reason for drug removals from the market is attributed to liver injuries. Drug approvals come under serious question as there are drugs that are approved but then come under the gun due to their negative consequences. For example, fenfluramine has been in the market for many years and millions of patients have been subjected to this drug. It had to be withdrawn after serious aftereffects. Traditional toxicity studies could not predict troglitazone (an oral hypoglycemic agent), and Baycol, a statin, even though drug interaction studies could have determined some. Animal models depict human affinities better and can predict bone marrow and gastrointestinal toxicities. However, other toxicities cannot be well predicted. Rodents predict human toxicity the poorest, while dogs and monkeys show better results. But, mice studies cost less while dogs and monkeys incur huge expenditures and are restricted by availability.
What is Driving the ADME/TOX Market?
·      Global ADME/TOX market is mainly driven by the efforts of pharmaceutical and biotech companies for reducing time and cost of drug discovery.
·      ADME/Tox profiling of a drug candidate plays a key role in reducing clinical trials cost and time of drug launch in the market.
·      ADME/Tox assays eliminate compounds with lack of bioavailability, lower efficacy and toxicity in early stages, in order to save time and costs in expensive later stages of drug discovery.
·      Due to ethical issues and a growing trend towards decrease in using animals in clinical trials, there is a gradual decline in market for In vivo predictive technology.
·      Though In vivo accounts for about three- fourth of total ADME/Tox Technologies market currently, non-animal technologies - In vitro and In silico are projected to peg more than 70% of the market.
·      ADMET studies need to be deployed early stage and the technology should be scalable to high throughput formats. More and more companies are coming up with In silico approaches to ADMET, and are automating and integrating assays to HTS.
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