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Feed Nucleotides demand in animals is accelerated due to stress and rapid growth and the necessity may be heightened during the immediate post weaning period.
Of immunostimulants (glucan, chitin, levamisole and lipopolysaccharides), Nucleotides (important constituent of enzymes and cofactors such as ATP, NAD and FAD) hold the widest attention globally.
— Anasuya Vemuri
HYDERABAD, TELANGANA, INDIA, October 3, 2015 / -- RI Technologies' Global Market Research Report on Feed Nucleotides provides market analytics by application, by source, by type and by animal categories. The market is divided by Application into Immune Stimulators, Dietary Supplements and Other; by Source into Yeast/Yeast Extracts, Single Celled Organisms and Other; and by Animal Categories into Swine, Poultry, Aquaculture and Other. The market is also divided by Type into IMP (Inosine Monophosphate), GMP (Guanosine Monophosphate) and Other (AMP+CMP+UMP). The study also provides global market analysis for Feed Additives and Nucleotides, both in value and volume terms.

Nucleotides are needed for the regular immune system function, cell repair after injury or disease, and also to prevent disease. Nucleotides are also essential to overcome the negative effects of hormones released during stress and to build up immune system. Global Feed Nucleotides market is projected to reach over US$200 million by 2020. CJ CheilJedang Bio business is a global leader in the market for feed amino acids and fermented nucleotides for food. Nucleotides are used commercially as feed additives for improving animal growth or as immunity enhancers. Protein rich feeds generally contain Nucleotides, particularly inosine 5'-monophosphate (IMP). Feed ingredients containing cellular elements are potential dietary sources of nucleotides (nucleoproteins). Good sources of nucleoproteins include organ meals, poultry and seafood. Ingredients such as Single-cell proteins, bakers and brewers yeast, and yeast extract have high concentrations of nucleotides.

Disease outbreak is a major problem for all animal species. Antibiotics are generally used widely to prevent disease. However, prolonged use of antibiotics has resulted in the development of resistant strains of pathogens that can resist the antibiotics. Alternatively, immunostimulants (such as glucan, chitin, levamisole and lipopolysaccharides) are being developed to enhance the immunity systems of animals. Of these immunostimulants, nucleotides (important constituent of enzymes and cofactors such as ATP, NAD and FAD) hold the widest attention globally. Several nucleotide programs have effectively demonstrated highly significant effects on health and performance parameters. Over the last few years, significant investments have been made in R&D and developing feed nucleotide products. The usage of dietary nucleotides, because of several beneficial features, is rapidly increasing and many feed additive companies are including nucleotides in their products and/or are entering into business collaborations with already existing nucleotide producing companies.

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